“Everyone has a name”

Over 180,000 Jewish men and women were killed in the Sobibór extermination site between 1942 and 1943. Their relatives, friends and communities that they belonged to, have so far founded 300 stones in memory of individual victims. With each commemorative stone, an individual family, a child, a man or a woman emerges from the unbelievable number of victims.

The Bildungswerk Stanislaw Hantz e.V. association wants to document all names from the commemorative stones in Sobibór on this website. This way, a total of 700 people will be given back their names and biography.

The documentation of the names from the stones is intended to commemorate the murdered. But it should also remind people about what hatred and exclusion can lead to. It should serve as awareness and call for tolerance, openness and solidarity, as important values for a free and peaceful coexistence.